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20.12.2023 By PR Week

PR agency leaders and CCOs share comms predictions for 2024.

Silhouette of a hand with a crystal ball in it that has the year 2024 stamped on it in gold.

20 December 2023:

“The AI future is now, and the topic alone is 100% part of every communications executive’s daily context, so making strides using it—and understanding how to do so ethically—is a must-do in 2024,” says Weber Shandwick president Susan Howe. “Successful leaders will also recognize the use of AI to automate certain basic tasks and free employees up for more strategic, creative and substantive projects.”

“Employee satisfaction will rise in companies with thoughtful AI engagement,” she adds. “Leaders who consistently embrace a beginner’s mindset—staying curious about the world and what moves people to action—are the skills that will be amplified and more valued in the age of AI.”

And while they’re excited about the possibilities, pros are also wary of its potential pitfalls.

Virginia Devlin, CEO of Current Global, worries customer interactions and experiences could become less human next year.

“People want to connect with companies and brands as real and human as they are, so as we immerse ourselves in the power of AI to aid our work in 2024 and beyond, we must remember to emphasize human connection over technology automation” she says. “Most marketers already have embraced AI for data analysis and predictive modeling, but as we use AI for content creation, creative inspiration and personalization, we must do so with a heavy human touch to ensure authenticity, ethical considerations and genuine connection.”

Read more in the full PR Week article.

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