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An overhead conceptual image showing a group of people's hands collaborating around a table, with large, colorful speech bubble graphics. The bubbles overlap, suggesting a dynamic conversation or brainstorming session. Visible on the table are writing implements, a cup of coffee, and a pair of glasses, indicating a creative or professional meeting environment.
Strategic Silence is Golden.
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Demar's grandparents in their younger years, posing in front of a classic car.
A Key to Authentic Engagement during Black History Month and Beyond: Celebrating Diversity through Intersectional Storytelling.
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Head shot of CEO Virginia Devlin. She has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and is wearing a blue top, has is sat in front of a brightly patterned wall.
Current Global CEO Virginia Devlin to Retire in March.
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A photograph of a woman with light brown skin who is checking her watch during a run. She holds her black smartphone in her other hand and is wearing a light tan, athletic crop top with matching bottoms and a beige jacket. The blurred background shows buildings and shrubs.
5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Health in 2024.
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Silhouette of a hand with a crystal ball in it that has the year 2024 stamped on it in gold.
PR agency leaders and CCOs share comms predictions for 2024.
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The image, on a white background, is a compilation of color, and black and white hand-drawn holiday/seasonally themed motifs around the written message ‘Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Frohohohe Weihnachten, and Feliz Natal’. The motifs, some of which are skillfully rendered while others are of a naiver style include three Christmas trees (one in colored pencils, one in fine point pen), and a digital tree from Korea which features the Namsan Seoul Tower. There are two snowmen, two robins (one of which is crafted in origami), a candle, a bell, a winking Santa Claus, and finally a red bauble containing a polar bear wearing a scarf and hat. The overall feeling of the piece is fun, festive, and handmade.
Happy Holidays!
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A woman in a teal shirt sitting beside a woman in a dark blazer smiling at each other while discussing work.
Why Authenticity Must Matter to Today’s Companies.
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Statue of King Leonidas in full battle costume against a blue sky.
The communications battleground can only be won through earned value.
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Three people in a room, probably a shared office space. They are smiling and looking at their phones. There is one man and a woman, and a pair of hands shown on the image.
Navigating the Evolving Media and Digital Landscape.
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