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06.07.2021 By Tomoya Averett (She/They), Intern

Remembering, Celebrating, Continuing the Fight with Pride

Brick building with a large rainbow Pride flag hanging down the front.

Editor’s Note: During Pride, we asked Current Global team members to reflect on ways they support the community and participate in events during the month. We gathered a few of the responses to share.

Since the inception of Pride month after the Stonewall Uprising in June of 1969, it has become an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ history, progress, and activism.

The focus of Pride is to uplift the voices of LGBTQ+ people and celebrate the culture and worldwide achievements towards equity. In the 50+ years since Stonewall, Pride month has transformed into a moment coupling political activism, with love and celebration for being who you are.

Artist Gilbert Baker created the traditional rainbow flag that is showcased during Pride month (and seen all year round). Each color of the flag has its own unique meaning. Red is symbolic of life and prosperity, orange is the symbol for spirit, yellow is sunshine, green represents nature, blue represents harmony and purple represents revitalization. In recent years, different shades of brown were added to represent solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests, as well as light pink and blue to represent those who identified as transgender.

It is an important time for us all to reflect on the people, moments, and celebrations that remind us why Pride is so important. Reflecting on this year’s just finished Pride month, we wanted to share what moments made Pride special for us here at Current Global. Here’s what people in our team had to say:

When asked, what does LGBTQIA+ Pride mean to you, our colleagues see it as both an opportunity for members of the community to be seen as well as a moment to recognize the work that still needs to be done. “It means LOVE for ALL. It’s a happy, joyous occasion to get together with friends or family and join others to celebrate, accept and love each other for exactly who we are.”

When asked about their fondest memories of Pride month or an associated LGBTQIA+ event, our colleagues told us it is the amount of love you feel for the people around you as well as knowing your family members feel safe enough to live their truth. “Taking my kids to Gay Pride Parade. Watching them go to support their friends once they got to high school.”

Favorite brands that are seen by our team to be supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community in an open and meaningful way include Neiman Marcus, Peloton, The Phluid Project, Bonobos, Bombas, and Sephora.

How do people here support the LGBTQIA+ community as a member or ally? Current Global colleagues responded that they hope their everyday actions, language, and conversations convey that they are dedicated to becoming better allies. “As an ally with many friends in the LGBTQIA+ community, I continuously work on myself to be a strong supporter – from bettering my knowledge of important terms, educating myself on other aspects of the community, to smaller gestures such as showing my support of pronouns by including my pronouns in my work signature and Instagram bio; and also donating to organizations doing the work on the ground”.

These are some of the ways our team at Current Global has been reflecting on Pride this year. Even though Pride month has ended, it is important to remember that amplifying the voices of members of the LGBTQ+ community should go beyond the month of June. Here are some ways to make sure this happens:

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