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16.02.2024 By Pete Jacob, Managing Director, Current Global Middle East

Strategic Silence is Golden.

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“Please can you come back with a PR plan on how you would amplify this with media?”

A question we all too often get asked as PR agencies often sent by email or a WhatsApp. Explicit in the question is that everything is ‘PRable’ and often the incoming sender’s definition of PRable is getting covered in the likes of Reuters or Bloomberg.

News flash there’s A LOT going on in the world and the media is saturated. Your new widget update or executive appointment might not capture interest you hope for.

Sometimes the best way is to hold back because every story you are pushing is drawing from the media’s well of attention. Overdo it and the danger is they will turn off to the point that when you really do have news it’ll get ignored or given the ‘we covered you last month’ response.

There are other ways PR can support than spending time writing a release, getting approvals, distributing and following up with media.

Let’s champion strategic communication, where knowing when to speak is just as important as what you want to speak about.

Sometimes strategic silence can be golden.

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